We produce garments Responsibly & Sustainably

Simba Fashions continuously strives to be a high-quality denim manufacturing company while protecting the environment and creating opportunities for well-being of all people.
Lean Manufacturing
We are continuously aiming at minimising the use of resource inputs and creation of waste, pollution and carbon emissions.
Waste Management
We are reducing waste for disposal, freshwater consumption, CO2 & overall energy consumption at the production site.
Three R's
We are focusing on "Three R's" of the waste hierarchy; Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.

Responsible Consumption
We are encouraging car pooling or riding a bike back to work. We utilize rerouting and logistics to minimize fuel consumption.
Economic Contribution
We are creating sustainable value with everything we do, which also means balancing the interests of all our stakeholders.
Value Creation
We are creating and delivering value in an efficient enough way that it will generate profit after cost.
Customer Relationships
We are managing and measuring customer satisfaction and customer royalty to improve all aspects of our business.
Community Support
We are supporting local community, children and family members to rise in their life and career.
Code of Conduct & Ethics
We are always aiming for highest and achieving higher standards for code of business conduct and ethics.

Diversity & Inclusion
We are not distinguishing people with gender, colour or creed. Simba Fashions provides equal opportunity to everyone.
Health & Safety
We are providing world-class healthcare facilities and following the certified safety norms.

Supplier Quality Assurance
We are procuring from suppliers that meet sustainable standards and services that satisfy the customer's needs.
Extensive Research
We are doing extensive research to understand what people wear, like and aspire for.
Design Team
We have highly experienced and professionally trained designers.

Driving Trends
We are creating designs for global brands and positively influencing the trends.
We are creating 500 designs every month with offices in US, UK, Hong Kong and Spain.

Simba Greenwash

We use industry standard and world-class equipments and processes in our greenwash facility.
Membrane Bio Reactor Technology
35000 garments per day capacity
Suez Biological washing plant
Ozone machines from Jeanologia
Laser machines from Jeanologia
Environment Impact Monitoring SW application
Incineration Waste Boiler. Recycles Dry Waste
Jeanologia E-flow Technology
Conveyor drying method saving energy
Solar power generation for use and sale

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